Friday, November 12, 2010

Demand Studios - Scam or legitimate home business opportunity

Writing for a living has always been a risky career choice, so we are always delighted when someone recognizes our abilities with an opportunity to write for them. Applying for Demand Studios, the freelance writer’s leg of Demand Media is as easy as filling out an application and submitting a sample article. Accepted, the writer is directed to the company’s standards page and asked to memorize the style requirements of writing articles for

Demand Studios requires all new writers to write three articles. Subject matter is chosen by the writer from hundreds of thousands of assignment titles. Flipping through countless pages, the author will quickly realize that subjects such as FDA approved uses for Colace, How many Kawasaki Motorcycles are made in America, How to find parts for a Maytag A209A, and How to disassemble to the sleep application of an HP multi-purpose copier/fax/printer, are the types of stories that writers dream about digging their prose into until their fingers are bleeding.

The publisher pays seven fifty and fifteen dollars for accepted articles upon completion and offers “friendly advice” to new authors while learning the ins and outs of the style manual. “Don’t be discouraged if your article is rejected or returned for rewrites. It can take several assignments before you’ll fully understand the style requirements.”

Truth is harsher. Failure to give the editors exactly what they want from all three of you first articles may result in your termination. Even if two out of three articles are accepted and the third rejected, you may find yourself unemployed. Bottom line - don’t get too excited about your new writing gig. It could be over before it starts.

Demand Studios is not a scam. However, it is far more challenging than it appears at first glance. The open ended selection of articles given to new writers requires an extremely limited knowledge base and does not allow for common knowledge subject matter. Writing four to five hundred words on How to find parts for a Maytag 409A, a subject that only requires a search of the question for results, seems extreme. There is also the probability that the article will be declined for rewrites. It’s understandable that the editors may have a specific style requirement for such topics as How to build a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, but four to five hundred words?

Advice to anyone considering employment with Demand Studios is to read the New Writer Handbook and become familiar with what is required to make $7.50. The claim that these articles will only require thirty minutes of your time is absolutely unfounded. Demand Studios also states that some of their writers are making $20 to $30 an hour. That may be so, but no-one is making that kind of money on articles for or as a new writer trying to break in to the Demand Studio system.